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Starter Yoga Kit



Starter Yoga Kit

Starter Yoga Kit

The Yes4All Starter Yoga Kit attempts to lure the yoga enthusiast at every level. As the name implies, the Yes4All Starter Yoga Kit promises a versatile product whereby the individual can experience the utmost comfort, while at the same time achieving the results of the yoga experience. It is intended to produce a worry-free practice of various yoga poses, such as downward dog, pigeon, camel pose or even more advanced pose like handstand, headstand pose with Yes4All NBR Yoga mat 72″ x 24″ x 0.5″” The advertisers present a product marketable to the individual who will emphasize factors relating primarily to cost and accessibility. This product is highly promoted by its advertisers with the following features and components:

– Yoga Kit: 1 Yoga Mat NBR 72″ x 24″ x 0.5″ – Purple, 1 set of 2 Eva Foam Yoga Blocks 9″ x 6″x4″ – Purple, 1 Yoga Towel 72″ x 24″ – Purple, 1 Yoga Strap 8 feet by 1.5″ inch– Purple. 1/2″ Extra Thick w/ 72″ X 24″ High Density Durable Close-foam Tech. Exercise Yoga Mat w/ Carry Strap
– Be ready to impress with high-quality Yoga Mat! Employed the high- dense close foam tech; our Yoga mat provides extra comfort and durability.
– No need for support from your partner! The Soft Foam Yoga Block will provide ample support and ensure proper positioning.
– What about safety? Yoga Strap not only helps to get the most out of your daily yoga routines but also ensures safety when you perform advanced or challenging poses.
– Never mess up with sweat or slippery mat! Yoga towel works great to provide non-slip amplified drying surface for light and intense workouts.

They particularly emphasize the cost effectiveness of the product as it emerges as an essential kit, compromising of key, effective products of high durability and quality. The marketers are keen to highlight each dimension and emphasize on the efficiency of the Yoga Mat, the Yoga Block, The Yoga Strap and the Yoga Towel. According to the advertisers, each product stands in its own stride as a vital component of the Yes4All Starter Yoga Kit.

Product Description
The advertisers present the kit as a bestselling one with a yoga mat that is super thick. It also has a set of 2 lightweight foam yoga blocks and a nice absorbant yoga towel.

– Yoga Mat: The Yoga mat comes with 72″ long 24″ wide dimensions, ensuring comfort for people of all shapes and sizes. 1/2″ Ultra thick mat with specially designed memory foam protects your knees and joints.

– Yoga Block: High Density, Extremely Durable Eva Foam Yoga Block with no chemical smell. Dimension: 9x 6″ x 4″- Pack of 2. Each block weight 6 oz. Non-slip, scratch-proof surface with Beveled Edges for Added Comfort.

– Yoga Strap: High quality, durable cotton strap with metal D-ring. The size of 8 feet by 1.5″ inch wide is ideal for most people at different height and levels. The cotton straps are thick and textured so they won’t slip out of sweaty hands; thus improve your poses and hold your stretches for a longer period.

– Yoga Towel: Made of 100 % Microfiber material with 80 % Polyester and 20 % Nylon, the yoga towel can quickly absorb the sweat, keep your body cool and dry the whole 90-minute session.

According to the marketers this special Yoga kit is a cost-effective must have for new beginners or anyone who enjoys the pleasure of doing Yoga. They encourage the readers to start their spiritual journey to find inner peace and positive energy.

The supporters

The supporters of the beginners’ yoga kit, although outnumbered still rally on:

– Its softness. Provides ample cushioning and support. Well padded.
– Carrying harness and strap which facilitates rolling it up and hanging it away when exercise regime complete.
– Affordability.
– Thickness which helps accommodate back, hip and pelvic bones.

The opponents.
The opponents of the Beginners’ Yoga Kit vehemently refute any credibility to this promotion and outline and outnumber the positive feedback and reviews for this product.
– Mats are inferior and of very poor quality as knees and elbows easily flatten the mat. The super softness impairs proper balance and supports excessive movement.
– Danger hazard as the yoga mat is extremely slippery during practice. Not appropriate for yoga exercise. Insufficient grip. Increase risk of injury.

– The thickness is not meant to serve as pillows and support as the proponents advocate, but it must be acknowledged that the thickness for yoga purposes actually impairs the ability to balance. It increases instability.
– Not a yoga mat; thickness and softness does not facilitate the balance needed in various yogasanas (yoga poses) makes it very difficult to balance and move through poses.
– Inferior material as it proves easy to rip and crack. Very stretchy and easy to imprint. Scrunches and flattens easily. Slides and wrinkles excessively, thus detracting and compromising on the actual yoga experience. Breaks down and develops dents and irregular surface.
– Comparable to the $5 version at a bargain store, albeit slightly thicker.

In conclusion the yoga mat emerges as a nice mat, soft and cushiony, however it proves NO GOOD for a yoga experience. Some opponents claimed that on doing P90x Core Synergistics the mat developed immediate indents and got thinner in some areas from the weight of feet and from the stretching of the material. They claim that furthermore, the mat may be good for sit ups and shivasana and picnics in the park but inoperative for yoga. They present various scenarios where the use of this mat would prove absolutely impractical. They ask the rhetorical question …” Who wants to try and do a downward dog on a mat that starts to stretch between your hands and feet? The only think this is good for is padding, if you are doing sphynx or something and need padding under knees or elbows. This is not suitable as a yoga mat. It may work well for floor exercises but not for yoga. It increases the risk of injury and the hazard in yoga practices.”.

Get Yes4All Yoga Starter Set Kit – Includes NBR Exercise Mat, Yoga Block, Yoga Towel & Yoga Strap – Choose Your Color (Blue set) at the best price today.

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